Pros and Cons of Working in a Nursing Home vs. a Hospital

Whether you’re looking for your first job or thinking about a career change, you’ve probably wondered whether you’re better off working in a nursing home or in a hospital. Of course, this is a subjective choice and you have to decide what works best for you. But here are some things to consider before making a decision: Continue reading Pros and Cons of Working in a Nursing Home vs. a Hospital

Working When School’s Out

It must be July. The streets near my house are filled with children playing ball and jump rope, my kids are lounging around watching TV and eating me out of house and home and I…am going to work. Some days I find it hard to get up and go whenever around me is enjoying their time off. I wish I could sleep late, watch soap operas and eat chocolate popsicles one after the other. Continue reading Working When School’s Out

Managing Fibromyalgia in Elderly Patients

Fibromyalgia is a disease which affects the muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms vary from person to person, and include problems like chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems and painful tender points. There’s no known cure for fibromyalgia, but symptoms can be relieved through medications, lifestyle changes and stress management. Continue reading Managing Fibromyalgia in Elderly Patients