Exciting News from Towne Nursing!

We’re happy to announce that, starting in 2018, our pay rate in some locations has gone up for CNAs. If you’re looking for work in the nursing field at competitive rates, Towne Nursing is the first place you should apply.

Our mission at Towne is to take care of the logistics so that you only have to worry about one thing – caring for your patients. We place you in a nursing facility that is conveniently located and work with you to create a schedule that meshes with your lifestyle and other commitments. We are here for you if you experience any problems, day or night, 24/7.

The Towne community includes online support, through our Facebook, Instagram and e-newsletter, as well as offline support via phone, email and chat.

With our increased pay rate, Towne Nursing is an even better choice. And, because we are always looking for dedicated employees, we also offer an unbeatable deal. If you refer a friend who takes a job with Towne, we will give you a $100 bonus!

Come work for us, and once you’ve settled in, refer your friends and enjoy those extra bonuses.

5 Top Blog Posts of 2017

We’ve been in business for so long that we remember a time when the internet was in its infancy and we had to pick up the phone to talk to you. But in recent years, we’ve used our blog to keep you up to date on what’s going on at Towne, share tips and stories and talk about what’s most important to you – caring for your patients.

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A Thanksgiving to Remember

Last year, a few days before Thanksgiving, I was really bummed. I had to work the afternoon shift, so would be missing the big Thanksgiving dinner my mom hosts every year. My husband and kids would get to go, but I would miss out on her juicy turkey and creamy mashed potatoes… Who was I kidding? What I was really missing was the family togetherness and the big Thanksgiving ceremony.
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Refer a Friend

Tiana has been working for Towne Nursing for almost a year in a large nursing facility in Brooklyn. Her neighbor, Laila, just completed CNA training through a government program. In fact, Tiana is the one who encouraged Laila to train as a CNA, because the profession offers flexible schedules and fulfilling work. Laila enjoyed the training period and started looking for work as soon as she finished studying.

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